As one of the oldest ongoing businesses in Idaho, The Boise Stage Stop has over 100 years of history. The Boise Stage Stop began in 1891, known then as “The Regina Store,” and was owned and operated by the local postmaster, Joseph Boyle. As was customary at the time, the mail was distributed through the local businesses.

Meet Lloyd Gossman and his Trek Against Cancer

   Lloyd is an Oregon Trail Hiker who began his journey in Independence, Missouri on April 27th and will finish in Oregon City, Oregon in the end of August. As a part of the Oregon Trail, Lloyd’s trip brought him through Boise Stage Stop’s backyard. He had a much needed rest and some ice cream in our restaurant, took pictures in the Old West Town, and pitched his tent in the garden area for the night.
   As an Oregon Trail Hiker, Lloyd walks about 25 miles a day to keep on schedule. He adventures the elements and nature out West for ten to twelve hours each day. It’s a difficult journey, but Lloyd has powerful motivation. This is his Trek Against Cancer. Back home in Ketchikan, Alaska Lloyd’s family and friends are raising money for every mile he accomplishes in support of the fight against cancer. Thus far, they have raised over $20,000 and Lloyd still has several hundred miles to go.
   This is a personal journey for Lloyd. His wife, Lois, was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and while she is currently cancer free, this is a lifelong battle for Lloyd and Lois.
   When Lloyd began his Trek Against Cancer, he never imagined he would make it this far. “I’m an old man,” he laughs. Lloyd will be 70 this year. While some might think that age determines your worth, Lloyd is proving that spirit and determination are much more powerful. With more than a thousand miles behind him, he will finish his journey and return home a victor.
   If you would like to follow Lloyd’s progress, find him on Facebook at He shares photos, videos, and inspiring stories daily. We, here at Boise Stage Stop, are cheering for Lloyd all the way to the finish line. It is a great thing that he is doing and we hope that others will be inspired by Lloyd’s story.

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