"The BEST truck stop on I84. Wish more truck stops could be like this."


"Cleanest Silverware I've ever seen. And I like that. Hot food and all around great job! Thank you all!"

Troy P.

"I love to stop here, and am recommending it to all of my driver friends. The food is delicious and looks like something you would want to eat! The staff treats you like they are really glad to see you and it is not phoney. We will be back again + again."

Linda G.

"Never sell out to the [chain truckstops] - we'd all drive 100 miles out of our route just to eat here! World's best truck stop!"

Alex "Grey" F.

"Of all the truck stops this year, this one was the best! Coffee was great, food excellent and service wonderful! Thanx!"

Michelle Lynn

"I've been coming here for over 10 years. As a trucker I try to time my runs to be able to stop. I can't suggest anything [to change] - you guys groove big time."

Troy C.

"Me & my husband are truck drivers and we enjoy stopping at the Stage Stop. We were pleasantly surprised on the improvements; we really love the dog kennels since we have 4 small dogs in the truck. I also like the stalls for horses. Keep up the hard work. We love you guys!"

David & Connie

"Been stopping here for 20 years. This is a lighthouse for truckers - a great place. Keep it as it is. Always look forward to stopping here."

John B.

"My first visit was 17 years ago. [Boise Stage Stop] has improved with age. Great!"

Robert W.

"You should give lessons to the national chains on "How to run a truck stop and make drivers feel wanted/ appreciated."

Don M.

"Just keep doing what you're doing. Last of an American Icon."

Will W.

"This is my 2nd visit, and this time we stayed overnight. Nice to find a truck stop that doesn't feel or look like a truck stop."


"Boise Stage Stop is, in my opinion, the finest truck stop in all of the USA. It exemplifies what a real truck stop should be. Thank you!!!"

Gary G. Sr.

"You guys make some real good GRUB.. I am no longer driving a big rig due to illness, but i still think of my favorite Truck Stops and The Boise Stage Stop is in the TOP TEN in the country. You Folks Keep up the good work in taking care of our fellow Truckers. 10-4 Amen"

Art B.

I travel through Boise a few times a year, I always stop in. I enjoy the way you take care of truck drivers. Good food, clean showers, nice drivers lounge. Thanks Boise Stage Stop for all you do!!!!

Robert G.